Pre-category (born in 2006 or younger)

 (Program up to 10 minutes max.)

  1. Two or more compositions free choice

A – category (born in 2004 or younger)

 (Program up to 5 minutes max.)

  1.  One of the following (required composition)*
    • Hugh M. Stuart: Concertino
    • Michel Delgiudice: Chanson Exotique
  2. One or more pieces free choice

B – category(born in 2000 or younger)

Round I

  1. One of the following (required composition)*
    • A. Coquard: Melodie and Scherzetto op. 68
    • Jules Mouquet: Solo de concurs
  2. One piece free choice

Round II

  1. A Concerto of choice (I movement, or II and III movement free choice)
  2. A Composition by a contemporary composer

C – category(born in 1994 or younger)

Round I

  1. One of the following required compositions*:
    • E. Chausson: Andante et Allegro 
    • S. Stojkov: Rodno Dramatico
    • T. Zografski: Five pieces for clarinet solo op.131 (1997)
  2. One sonata free choice from the following:
    • C. S. Saens: Sonata op.167
    • F. Poulenc: Sonata
    • P. Hindemith: Sonata
    • B. Canev: Sonata in Es
    • J. Brahms: Sonata op.120 No.1
    • M. Reger: Sonata As-major

Round II

  1. One concerto free choice from the following:
    • W. A. Mozart: Concerto A-major
    • K. M. Weber: Concerto E flat-major, f minor
    • A. Copland: Concerto
    • A. Grgin:  Concerto
  2. A virtuoso piece – free choice

*The required compositions must be performed by heart