Smile Here is a detailed information on how to get to Ohrid Smile

1. Book your flight to SKOPJE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT or if there is a flight available directly  to OHRID ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE AIRPORT (in this case you’re already here and just take a taxi to your hotel).

2. a) Take a taxi (20€ in one direction) from the Airport to the Skopje Bus Station (use google translate to get the page in English). There is also a bus shuttle service for 2.5€ per person but it does not depart on a regular basis and get off at the Skopje Bus Station or take a taxi (up to 4€ to any direction within Skopje) to the Skopje Bus Station in case you missed the stop. 


    b) Take a taxi (95€ in one direction) from the Airport to the city of Ohrid (in this case skip the rest of the instructions and head directly to your preferred hotel in Ohrid Laughing)

3. At the Skopje Bus Station choose your preferred bus departure time for the city of Ohrid, buy your return ticket (13€ return ticket), board your bus and enjoy a 3 hour scenic ride through western Macedonia. Once in Ohrid enjoy the wonderful lake and riviera and head to your preferred hotel Laughing.

Return from Ohrid to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport

1. a) Use your return ticket and board the bus from Ohrid to Skopje via Kicevo at your preferred travel time.


    b) Take a taxi (~95€ in one direction) from the Ohrid to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport.

2. a) Take a taxi (~20€ in one direction) to the airport.


    b) Take the Skopje – Airport bus (2.5€ in one direction). All information and tickets can be obtained at the VARDAR EXPRESS office located near one of the exits within the Skopje bus station. This bus does depart on a regular basis and is quite reliable. 

Thank you for your visit to Ohrid and Macedonia and we hope you’ll bring back fond memories of your stay here Wink.