French horn

Pre-category (born in 2006 or younger)

 (Program up to 10 minutes max.)

  1. Two or more compositions from different periods

A – category (born in 2004 or younger)

(Program up to 15 minutes max.)

  1. Vander Cook: “Altair(required composition)*
  2. One or more pieces free choice

B – category (born in 2000 or younger)

 Round I

  1. W. A. Mozart: Concert D-major I movement (required composition)*
  2. One piece free choice

Round II

  1. A concerto of choice (I movement, or II and III movements)
  2. One piece free choice

C – category (born in 1994 or younger)

Round I

  1. Gilbert Vinter: “Hunters moon” (required composition)*
  2. One sonata free choice from the following:
    • G. F. Telemann: Sonata no.4
    • P. Hindemith: Sonata
    • L. Cherubini: Sonata no.2
    • B. Belinsky: Sonatina
    • L. V. Beethoven: Sonata op. 17

Round II

  1. One Concerto free choice from the following:
    • F. Strauss: Concerto
    • K. Matis: Concerto in c-minor or b-minor
    • F. S. Mercadante: Concerto
    • C. S. Saens: Concerto
  2. A virtuoso piece of competitor’s choice

*The required compositions must be performed by heart