The following candidates are invited to take part in the live competition in Ohrid taking place on the following dates:

16 june 2023brass disciplinesPre-category A – Category B – Category C – Categorymorning
16 june 2023woodwind disciplinesPre-category A – Category C – Categoryafternoon
17 june 2023woodwind disciplinesB – Categorymorning
17 june 2023chamber musicall categoriesmorning
17 june 2023final concertevening

Preselection results solo:

CompetitorDiscipline:Categories (solo)
Goce Jovchev (2011)ClarinetPre-category
Pavle Nikolic (2012)ClarinetPre-category
Mert Rustemov (2011)ClarinetPre-category
Borjan Tasevski (2012)ClarinetPre-category
Hubert Grzebień (2008)ClarinetA – Category
Andrej Ristevski (2008)ClarinetA – Category
Mihail Vrklevski (2008)ClarinetA – Category
Martin Andreeski (2005)ClarinetB – Category
Mevljud Asanoski (2005)ClarinetB – Category
Andrej Chokuzovski (2005)ClarinetB – Category
Tomasz Grzebień (2005)ClarinetB – Category
Can Özçıtak (2007)ClarinetB – Category
Martin Stojanoski (2005)ClarinetB – Category
Ana Dimitrova (2010)FlutePre-category
Andjelka Gobeljic (2012)FlutePre-category
Nikolina Stefanović (2013)FlutePre-category
Klara Gabud (2009)FluteA – Category
Lina Gerstenhauer (2004)FluteB – Category
Ana Mateska (2007)FluteB – Category
Irena Panić (2007)FluteB – Category
Anja Kravanja Kravanja (2000)FluteC – Category
Kristina Ljushkoska (2001)FluteC – Category
Dina Markovska (2003)FluteC – Category
Aja Jovanovic (2010)OboePre-category
Bartosz Lukaszek (2011)OboePre-category
Filip Filipov (2011)SaxophonePre-category
Dimitrije Stojanović (2010)SaxophonePre-category
Aleks Stoynev (2011)SaxophonePre-category
Stefan Trajanoski (2010)SaxophonePre-category
Kristina Vasić (2012)SaxophonePre-category
Pinelopi Galani (2006)French HornB – Category
Petros Galanis (2006)French HornB – Category
Victor Teodosiev (2005)French HornB – Category
Tsvetelina Zankova (2006)French HornB – Category
Viktor Damjanov (2010)TrumpetPre-category
Jovan Nikolic (2013)TrumpetPre-category
Pavel Petkov (2009)TrumpetA – Category
Dušan Jovanović (2006)TrumpetB – Category
Petar Kostadinovski (2005)TrumpetB – Category
Leonardo Krstić (2006)TrumpetB – Category
Ghebaura Radu-Mihai (2004)TrumpetB – Category
Ognjen Milenković (2002)TrumpetC – Category
Mitko Roshkov (1999)TrumpetC – Category

Chamber music

Zofia DutkiewiczFluteWiktoria JanczClarinet  Wind instruments duoC – Category
Мевљуд АсаноскикларинетЃорѓи ДимовскисаксофонАрсениј АнгелескипијаноPiano trioB – Category
Vid VasićClarinetNikola StankovićClarinet  Wind instruments duoC – Category